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Lotus Cars Logo

Who wouldn’t love the sensational lines exquisite aesthetics and handling each and every Lotus brings us. Year after year the team at Hethel add to the extraordinary legacy afforded us by the genius of Colin Chapman.

Throughout the company's eight decades, it is innovation on road and track that has been key in delivering success. At the root of the Lotus DNA is Colin Chapman's obsession with everything being light-weight.

"Simplify, then add lightness" – Colin Chapman

"Adding power makes you faster on the straights; subtracting weight makes you faster everywhere!” – Colin Chapman

By tradition, Lotus uses the least number of parts in its products. Yet, they are impeccably engineered, retain their lightness and work dependably. Lotus expertise in lightweight architecture has made them a leader in sports car vehicle manufacturer.

Lotus cars current lineup includes the awesome Evora with special edition derivatives now on sale including the stunning Evora GT430 & Evora GT430 Sport without the rear wing. The Evora GT 410 Sport is pure elegance and the entry level Evora 400 is one hell of a machine in its own right.

Lotus slim down to two seat heaven with the awesome Exige range, including the show-stopping Exige Cup 430 and Exige Sport 380 with the awesome entry level Exige 350 Sportproviding a fantastic opportunity for all to climb into this two-seater powerhouse.

For aficionados of the smaller 4 cylinder Elise variants, Lotus has the most comprehensive range its ever presented to the public with its entry-level Elise Sport opening the gates to the Elise Sport 220, Elise Sprint, Elise Sprint 220, the awesome Elise Cup 250 with impressive aero and ultimately the newly released Lotus Elise 260 Cup, for all those track day heroes’s out there. Truly an icon in design.

Finally, Lotus now have the ultimate track oriented car in the staggeringly beautiful Lotus 3-11, fully primed for track performance. Here at Prestige Covers, we hold a full range of covers for all of the above variants and can deliver anywhere in the world. Call us 0191 2845130 to discuss, or simply select your model below and start hopping for car covers

25 47
72 79
Evora GT4 11 Le Mans
2-eleven 3 Eleven
340 R 3-eleven
72D 79F1
97T F1 Carlton
Cortina MK2 Eclat 51
Eclat 520 Eclat 521
Eclat 524 Eclat Series 2.2
Elan + 2 1967 onwards Elan S1
Elan S2 Elan S3
Elan S4 Elan Sprint
Elise 111 Elise 250 Cup
Elise Cup 220 Elise Cup 250
Elise S1 111S Elise S1 Base
Elise S2 111R Elise S2 Base
Elise SC RGB Special Edition Elise Sport 135
Elite Elite 501
Elite S1 Elite S2
Emme Esprit
Esprit 380 Sport Esprit Base
Esprit Coupe Esprit HC1
Esprit S1 Esprit S2
Esprit S2 2.2 Esprit S3
Esprit S3 2.2 Esprit S350
Esprit S4 Esprit S4 3.5
Esprit S4 S Esprit SE
Esprit Turbo Esprit Turbo 2.0
Esprit Turbo HC Esprit Turbo SE
Esprit V8 Esprit V8 GT
Etna Europa
Europa S1 Evora 410 Sport
Evora 2+0 Evora 2+2
Evora 2009 base Evora 400
Evora Auto IPS Evora Launch Edition
Evora S Maual Exige 1.8S
Exige 360 CupR Exige S
Exige S1 Exige S2 220
Exige S2 240 Exige S2 240R
Exige S2 260 Exige S2 260 RGB
Exige S2 260 Sport Exige S2 Base
Exige S3 350 Sport Exige S3 350 Sports Racer
Exige S3 380 Sport Exige S3 V6 Coupe
Exige S3 V6 Cup 360 Exige S3 V6 Roadster
Exige Sport Extreme
GT 1 M250
Talbot Sunbeam XI Le Mans