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Why buy a Stormshield ™ - Outdoor Car Cover?


Practical, fully tailored, breathable, the complete option for the UK & Northern EU climates.

The Stormshield cover is available in grey as a single colour.  Stormshield is a 100% waterproof and breathable fabric, with a non-abrasive backing that is gentle on paintwork. Ideal for long-term but mainly short term storage, particularly in the UK. The cover does fold away to a more compact size and can easily be stored in your car boot. Stormshield guards your car from the elements and protects it from any kind of minor and major abrasions. Individually hand tailored to your make and model, this outdoor car cover offers superb all-weather protection.The Stormshield cover comes with re-enforced lap seams, security buckles and under car adjustable strapping as standard. Many manufacturers can make a waterproof cover for your car, but breathability is crucial. Moisture rising from the ground will get trapped under the cover. If the moisture is unable to escape it can damage paintwork, rot seals and accommodate mould. The technology behind the Stormshield cover design allows moisture to escape from the surface of your car, keeping it dry. One of our best-selling covers for many years for all cars kept outside for shorter or longer periods of time.


Features and Benefits:


  • Snow, Ice & Frost Protection
  • Breathable
  • Soft & Protective
  • Strengthened Fabric with UV Protection
  • Scratch & Vandalism Prevention
  • Tree Sap Protection
  • Shield from Bird Droppings
  • Security
  • No More Frozen Windscreens
  • Protect Resale Values
  • Convenience - Just Wash and Apply
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Guarantee

Stormshield Outdoor Car Cover (Fitted)

VAT Included
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