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Why buy a Transport™ - Outdoor Car Cover?

The transport version of our very best outdoor fabric.

Made using the most advanced fabric, the Transport™ cover has been designed to specifically meet the needs of towing a vehicle. With additional strapping around the cover for greater security and peace of mind whilst in transit, the Transport™ cover comes in the black to help disguise any mud and splashes.


Transport™ offers the aesthetic fit of a fully fitted cover with the 100% waterproof protection and superb breathability as standard. This quadruple layer fabric contains a special breathable membrane that allows the cover to breathe while completely shielding your car from the elements, thus preventing the formation of mould and rust. Transport™ fabric has been treated with a substantial weatherproof coating containing UV stabilisers to enhance its performance.

Like all our car covers, Transport™ is tailored to fit your individual make and model. The fabric comes in black only and has a thick, soft, felted inner lining providing extra protection for your car's paintwork, whilst in transit. 


The key to transporting when using a cover, is that both car and cover are wrapped very snugly completely independent of the trailer. So when your car moves, the cover moves with it, in a symbiotic fashion. The worst case scenario is if the cover moves independently of the car, then you will be prone to scratching and paint damage. We ensure your cover is a superb fit with full transport strapping kit enabling the car and cover to move as one on the trailer.


If you would like to chat the transportation of your vehicle through with one of our trained staff, please call 0191 4862686, use the web chat window on the bottom right of your screen or email


Features and Benefits


  • Snow, Ice & Frost Protection
  • Breathable
  • Soft & Protective
  • 100% Waterproof Guarantee
  • UV Protection
  • Scratch & Vandalism Prevention
  • Tree Sap Protection
  • Shield from Bird Droppings
  • Security
  • No More Frozen Windscreens
  • Protect Resale Values
  • Convenience - Just Wash and Apply
  • 1 Year Manufacturing Guarantee

Transport Cover - Outdoor Car Cover (Fitted)

VAT Included
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